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Gian Lorenzo Bernini
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While you are walking in the city of Rome, you're looking at the important monuments made by great artists. For example Fountains, Churches, also small and It's not famous church brings statues, pictures and fresco ( painting wall).
So let's see out of the museum without paying entrance, what you can see....


His first public commissions is the Martyrdom of Saint Mattew and calling of Saint Mattew in Rome. There after he never lacked commissions or patrons, yet he handled his success poorly. He was jailed on several occasions, vandalized his own apartment, and ultimately had a death warrant issued for him by the Pope.

In 1606 he killed a young man in a brawl and fled from Rome with a price on his head. He was involved in a brawl in Malta in 1608, and another in Maples in 1609, possibly a deliberate attempt on his life by unidentified enemies. This encounter left him severely injured. A year later, at the age of 38, he died under mysterious circumstance in Porto Ercole, reportedly from a fever while on his way to Rome to receive a padron. Famous while he lived, Caravaggio was forgotten almost immediately after his death, and it was only in the 20th century that his importance to the development of Western art was rediscovered.

San Luigi dei Francesi  
Piazza di San Luigi de Francesi 20
Open: everyday 10:00-12:30 / 15:00-19:00  Closed :Thursday afternoon
To Reach: Bus (Senato)

The church built 16th century with travertine and inside the church decorated about 18th century baroque style. Here the Contarelli chapel by caravaggio.
It's the success of his first public commissions.

"L'ispirazione di San Matteo"
"Martino di San Matteo"
"La vocazione di San Matteo"(1599-1600)


Via della scrofa 80
To reach: Bus (Senato)
Open: everyday 7:30-12:30 / 16:00-18:30 

One of the first church in the Rome.
n the Renaissance, built with the travertine of the colisseum.
Here you can find "La Madonna dei Pellegrini"
(1604-1606) di Caravaggio

Santa Maria del Popolo 
Piazza del Popolo 12
To Reach: Metro Line A Flaminio
Open: everyday 7:00-12:00, 16:00-19:00  / holiday 8:00-13:30, 16:30-19:15
The church full of famous works by great artists: Annibale, Carracci, Bernini,
Bramante, Pinturicchio and Caravaggio.

In the Cerasi Chapel, you can find 2 works of caravaggio.
"La Conversione di San Paolo" (1600-1601)
"La Crocefissione di San Paolo" ( 1600-1601)

Other artists / La cupola by Raffaello

Caravaggio  ( Born 1571)

One of the greatest innovators and revolutionaries of art history between 1593 to 1610 in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily. His influence on the new Baroque style that eventually emerged from the ruins of Mannerism was profound. It can be seen directly or indirectly in the work of Rubens, Jusepe de Ribera, Bernini, and Rembrant, and artists in the following generation heavily under hos onfluence were called "Caravaggisti" or "Caravagesques", as well as Tenebrists or "Tenebrosi (shadowists)".

His paintings, which combine a realistic observation of the human state, born physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting, had a formative influence on the Baroque school of painting. In his early twenties Caravaggo moved to Rome from Milan where, during the late 16th and early 17th centuries, many huge new churches and building new being built and paintings were needed to fill them.  Caravaggio's novelty was a redical naturalism that combined close physical observation with a dramatic, even theatrical, use of chiaroscuro. This came to be know as Tenebrism, the shift from light to dark with little intermediate value.

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