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Berlin - Germany
Berlin is the capital city of Germany and Germany's largest city. Berlin's history has left the city with a highly eclectic array of architecture and buildings. The city's appearance today is predominantly shaped by the key role it played in Germany's history in the 20th century.

Munich - Germany
Munich is the capital city of Bavaria Germany. Munich is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. About 1,35 million people live within the city limits.

Prague - Czech Republic
Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague has become one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. It is the sixth most-visited European city after London,Paris,Rome,Madrid and Berlin.

Oslo - Norway
Oslo the capital of Norway is situated at the head of Oslo Fjord surrounded by forested ridges and is both a municipality and a county. The citys many astonishing features are unusual for a European capital.

Paris - France
Paris.......For hundreds and hundreds of years, by a process never successfully explained, Paris has radiated an enchantment irresistible to millions around the world, including hosts of people who would live and die without ever seeing the place.

London - United Kingdom
London is the capital and largest urban area of England and the United kingdom. At its core, the ancient city of London, to which the name historically belongs, still retains its limited mediaeval boundaries,..............

Budapest - Hungary
Budapest is one of the most beautiful city in the world. That has developed where it is, not down to some historical accident. Take a look at Gellet Hill, right next to the River Danube as it flows majestically through the center of the modern city.

Gothenburg - Sweden
Goteborg is second largest city of the Sweden.. Situated on the west coast the sea has always dominated the city, it is cuisine, leisure, trade and industry.




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