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How to getting around citty centre
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The sightseeing Rome on foot is indeed an exhausting enterprise. The public transport system gets you to the major tourist sites and attractions quicker.

Most monuments of Rome is located  within the invisible circle diameter 5 km. The city transport authority, ATAC, runs metro, buses and trams that operate within the city.   Travelling on public transport is not really safe, be aware, but  Big Time!
of pickpockets and gropers on crowded buses, and especially the 64 route between Termini and the Vatican.

Bus & Tram Tickets

1 ticket (BIT): 1,50 euro
100 min valid
from the moment it has been stamped

24H: 7,00 euro
48H: 12,50 euro
72H: 18,00 euro
days (CIS): 24 euro

ATAC buses and trams are the mainstay of Rome's transport network.  Tram is mainly serving suburban areas, and an express tram service that links Largo Argentina to Trastevere and the western suburbs. Trams and buses share the same tickets and pricing system. Owing to continual changes in the network, however, routes and numbers are subject to change: if you plan to use public transport, it's a good idea to pick up a copy of the latest city bus map, available free from the ATAC kiosk outside Termini. 
Buy tickets before getting on a bus or tram - they do not sell on abourd all buses . 

A small fleet of electric mini-buses also plies the centre. The 115, 116, 117 and 119 connect places such as the Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, Campo dei Fiori, and Piazza Venezia with Via Veneto and Termini. It's a bit like trundling around on a milk float, but they're handy when it's too hot to walk, and views are good

Ticket must be bought before boarding, and are available from the ATAC automatic ticket machines (scattered throughout the city), information centers, some bars and newsstands and all tabacchi shops. 
When you board a bus or tram, you must stamp tickets in the machines by the rear and/or front doors.
If travelling without paying looks an easy option, bear in mind that there are ticket inspectors around, and that if you are caught you will be fined
50 Euro on the spot. 

There are currently 23 night routes, which run from about 12.10am to 5.30am daily. 
They run every 30 minutes to an hour, and the schedule for each route (identified by an N after the number) is written on bus stops. 

METRO Tickets
1 ticket (BIT): 1,50 euro
  (1 time)
24H: 7,00 euro
48H: 12,50 euro
: 18,00 euro
days (CIS): 24 euro

The same tickets are valid on all city buses, trams and metro lines.

"Advantage of the Metro is Fast to arrive distination."

Rome has 3 metro lines, Line A and Line B which form a rough cross on the map, with the hub at Stazione Termini.

Line A :Anagnina - Battistini
open from 5.30am to 23:30 daily, (until 1:30 Saturday). 

Line B :
Laurentina - Rebibbia
Line B1 : Laurentina - Conca d'Oro
from EUR in the south to the north-eastern suburbs. Both lines are open from 5.30am to 23:30, daily (until 1:30 Friday and Saturday). 

Line C : Parco di Centocelle - Pantano
Open from 5:30 a.m. to 21:00 daily ( until 18:30 Saturday and Holidays)

Tourist sightseeing Bus
Travelling on public transport is not really safe, because they'll wait  for time of pickpockets and gropers on crowded buses and metro......
But if you take a tourist sight bus.....You can enjoy to spend a great time and Safe..According your schedule and money.

City Sightseeing Roma
Bus Terminal
Line A (Via Marsala 7 /Termini station) 9:00~
Line B(Largo di Villa peretti 1
) 9:00~
Ticket : Online or visitor center (Via IV Novembre 147)

Price for low season
1 day: Adult
: 25 euro / Child : 12 euro
2 days: Adult : 28 euro / Child : 14 euro
2 days: Adult : 32 euro / Child : 16 euro

Price for high season
1 day: Adult : 28 euro / Child : 14 euro
2 days: Adult : 31 euro / Child : 15 euro
2 days: Adult : 35 euro / Child : 17 euro

10 Open Bus

Bus Terminal
Viale Einaudi (Piazza del Cinquecento) 8.30~
Ticket : Online, On the bus, Info box (Termini)
Price from 20 euro

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Night Bus Useful routes

40N : Same route of Metro Line B
55N : Same route of Metro Line A
78N :Piazzale Clodio-Piazzale Flaminio-Piazza Cavour-Corso Rinascimento-Largo di Torre Argentina-Piazza Venezia-Via Nazionale-Termini. 

29N : Piramide-Ponte Vittorio Emanuale ll-Piazza Risorgimento-Viale Belle Arti-Piazza Ungheria-V.le Regina Margherita-Piazza Porta Maggiore-Piazza Porta san Giovanni-Piazza Colosseo

80N :Same route of train Roma Ostia-Lido
More info: www.atac.roma.it



Long line in front of the ticket machine...why?
Comeback money from the machine?
Doesn't come out change?

How to buy the ticket.
1. push fist button to number of the ticket.
If you need 2 tickets, push 2 times.
2. put the money ( coin or bill )
Attention: Maximum change is 4 euro
3. come out ticket first then come out change.


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