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Rome has 2 airports. One is a Fiumicino airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci, is about 30 km (18 miles) from the city. It's Rome's main airport for domestic and international fights and as result, is the largest and most heavily trafficked. It has four terminals- inexplicably named terminal 1,2,3,and 5. Most visitors start their holiday in Rome by arriving here. Other one is Ciampino airport,  about 15 km (9 miles) south-east of the city. Smaller and less frantic than Fiumicino airport. Although it's closer, ciampino airport in not as well connected to the city centre.

How to reach city centre from Fiumicino airport

- Travel by Train
Leonardo Express
irst way to reach city centre.

express rail service between Termini station to the airport. Rome's central station where you can take the Metro . It takes about 32 min without intermediate stops. The first departure from Rome termini at 5.35 am and from Fiumicino at 6:23 a.m. The last departure from the airport is at 23:23 and from Roma Termini at 22:35. The fare is 14 Euro. Only first class service.  

Sabina-Fiumicino Line FR1
The regular service from Fiumicino takes 25-40 min, and also stops at main train stations in Rome (Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana and Tiburtina). Trains leave about every 15 min (less often on Sundays and holidays) with the first one leaving 5.58 and the last one leaving at 23.28.  The fare is 8 euro.

Where you can buy tickets ?
You can buy tickets for both these services from automatic machines in the main airport lobby and railway stations  and the airport tabacchi.
Also can be purchased online.

- Travel by Bus
There are different bus company offering transport from Fiumicino to Rome. The bus stops can be find at Terminal 2-3 arrivals. It takes around 60 min according traffic.

Sit Bus  : Fiumicino(Terminal 3)-Piazza Cavour-Termini  8.30-0.30 
   You can by tickets on board or online.  Price:€ 6 one way

Terravision Bus : Fiumicino - Rome Airport Transfer One of the cheapest way to get from Fiumicino(Terminal 3) to the city centre Termini station. 5.35-23.00. You can buy tickets online or on board.
Price :
€ 4 oneway.

T.A.M. Bus : Connect Fiumicino ( Terminal 3 )- Ostiense - Termini. 8.00-23.20.
You can buy ticket online or on board. Price: € 4 to Termini € 6 to Ostiense.

Rome Airort Bus Schiaffini (Bus Shuttle) : Links from Fiumicino to Termini from 6.30- 21.50. It cost € 5.90 one way. You can buy ticket online or on board.

- Take a Taxi
At the exit Terminal 1,2,3 and 5 at the Rome Fiumicino a taxi to the city of Rome.
The service fee is 50 euro, buggage included for up to 4 passengers to all destinations within the Aurelian walls delimiting the central  area of the city.
Attention!! Any other vehicle present at the airport exit could be driven by people who have the approproate authorization taxi or rental and the required fee may be greater than or different from that provided by the city of Rome.

How to Reach City Centre from Ciampino Airport

- Travel by Bus
Atral Bus : To Metro Line A Ananina in 15 min. You can buy ticket on board or airport arrival hall.
Rome Airport Bus Schiaffini : Links from Ciampino to Termini from 4.00 - 22.50.
It cost
€ 3.90 one way. You can buy ticket online or on board.

Terravision Bus
: Ciampino - Rome Airport Transfer
To termini from 8.15-0:15,
4 one way.
 You can buy ticket online or at the airport.

- Take a Taxi
Taxis are available from outside arrivals, fixed rates to various destinations within Rome city limits. The fee is 30 euro.

Arriving Rome by Train...
Most long-distance trains arrive at Termini station, which is also the centre of the metro and city bus networks. The station is a pickpocket's haven, so watch your wallets and luggage!!  Trains arriving at Tiburtina, Trastevere or Ostiense, both some way from the centre of Rome.

How to Reach
Tiburtina  to Termini : Metro B (Tiburtina 5:30-23:30) / Bus routes 649, 492
Taxies are available front of the station.

Ostiense to Termini : Metro B (Piramide 5:30-23:30) / Bus route 175
Taxies are available front of the station.

Trastevere to Termini : Tram 8 to Largo Argentina and Bus route 64
Taxies are available front of the station.

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Private Transfer ; Limo Service

Limo transfer service usually costs € 50-80
and is by far the least stressful option of all transfers from the airport to the city centre. Limo service are clean,reliable,and accomodate all special requests such as baby seats and extra luggage.

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