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If you're up for more than just a walk after dinner, check these section and you'll be Raving like Romans do!

White Ristorante & cafe   Address:Via del Toritone 118-119
(Piazza Barberini)              Tel.06.97278949
                                             Open:12:00-0:30 Sun-Wed/Thu-Sat:12:00-4:30
Club White                           Address:Via degli Avignonesi 73

Art Cafe Roma                   Viale del Galoppatoio 33 (Villa Borghese )
The location that has always focused on exclusivity and social contacts with the world of fashion and entertainment.              

Babel Roma                         Viale del Galoppatoio 33 (Villa Borghese)
                                              Time:21:00-4:00 Fri-Sat
The Club stands out for its large center console and the exclusive private room raised the track, where you can meet celebrities and entertainers.

Hard Rock Cafe Rome    Via Vittorio Veneto 62 a/b
                                           Restaurant: Sun-Thu 12:00-0:00 / Fri-Sat:12:00-1:00
                                           Bar open: Sun-Thu: 12:00-1:30 / Fri-Sat:12:00-2:00

CLUB GILDA                     Via Mario de Fiori 97

Disco Dancing Zanussi    Address:Piazza Tarquinia 5/E  (Piazza re di roma)
                                               Open from 22:30 every Thursday and saturday
Balli di Gruppo
Open from 21:30 Friday / 21:30-23:00 Sunday

Sala Giochi "Re Bingo"     Address:Via Siponto 11 (Piazza re di roma)
                                               Time Bingo: Mon-Sat 8:20-4:00 / Sun:10:30-4:00
                                               Time Slot : Mon-Sat 8:20-4:00 / Sun:10:30-4:00


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