Gothenburg is second largest city of the Sweden.. Situated on the west coast the sea has always dominated the city, it’s cuisine, leisure, trade and industry. Stroll along the main boulevard, the avenue with all it’s restaurants, cafes, night clubs and shops.
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Gothenburg is gateway to the west.
Trade, shopping and international contacts have characterized Got
henburg ever since the city was found in 1621. The city established by Gustav 2 Adolf, was built by Dutchmen and in the 17th century the official languages were Dutch, German, Swedish and English. In 1731 Sweden’s gateway to China opened when the Swedish east India Company began trading with the east. Porcelain, tea, spices, textiles and other luxury goods of the time were shipped to Goteborg. The British lifestyle and custom become the height old fashion and Gothenburg was given the nickname ‘Little London’.

In the 19th century Got
henburg become industrialized largely due to the arrival of Scottish and English businessmen. Over the years many of them become rich and donated fortunes which founded a hospital, library and university. Modern- day Goteborg with its wide boulevards, parks and stone houses was built around the end of the 19th.

Companies like SKF, Volvo and the shipyards grew large in the 20th century. Today Got
henburg is city of industry and expertise, with two universities and many service companies. Oslo the capital of Norway is situated at the head of Oslo Fjord surrounded by forested ridges and is both a municipality and a county.
 The city’s many astonishing features are unusual for a European capital. The city limits encompass wilderness areas as well as an array of restaurants almost unparalleled in Scandinavia.

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