Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily and before Cyprus. It is an autonomous region of Italy, and the nearest land masses are the French island of Corsica.

Lazise ( Lago di Garda )
Lazise is a municipality in the  province of Verona in the Italian region Veneto, located about 20km northwest of Venice.You can find the third most populrar thema park (Gardaland) in Europe is between Peschiera and Lazise.

Venice roses above sea level. City has over 400 bridges between public and private that connect the 118 islands of which it is built, through 116 channels. It is the city with the highest influx of tourists in Italy. The periods are more intense during the Carnival and between May and October.

Verona has been declared World Heritage by "UNESCO" for its urban structure and its architecture. Verona is a beautiful example of a city that has developed progressively and uninterruptedly over 2,000 years.



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